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Come unwind and nurture your body, mind and spirit in a safe and supportive environment. Classes are designed to nourish your body into improved health, mobility and fitness and always include modifications as needed to meet you right where you are in your body.


When you're ready for a deep dive tailored gently to your specific needs, schedule a private session or private series of classes designed specifically for you by Sonya. 


Using breath centered yoga, build core strength through dynamic & gentle movements. Maintain and improve balance & flexibility. Modifications are always available as needed.

Your Custom

Students at any fitness level can enjoy therapeutic benefits of yoga, including optimizing breath, enhancing strength, and cultivating internal balance. Sonya's classes provide ways to lower the impact of day to day stress and provide rejuvenation.

About Sonya

Sonya is awesome. You'll love her. She's experienced. She's adventurous. She's gentle while pushing the boundaries of physical limitations and life itself. Sonya walks her talk, so you know she's been in every pose she talks about, and then some. Living with her own disability of blindness, Sonya understands what it's like to courageously and compassionately push past limitations and grow. She even ventured out last year with Bear Grylls to Face the Wild. Check them out on Facebook Watch. And come explore your own adventurous yoga journey with a teacher who understands and knows how to support at every level. 

Love Your Body with Yoga


Reduce Stress

Yoga can nourish our bodies in many ways. By doing a regular practice, by being gentle with ourselves, we can achieve a higher level of wellness in body, mind and spirit. Do any of these sound good? 


Gain Clarity

Improve Circulation

Maintain Balance

Increase Strength

Sensitive...knows the body and how to help


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