student following a yoga gently pre recorded class via laptop computer

Pre-Recorded Rental SerVice

(45 minute class + 15 minutes of “sanga”)


Reduce stiffness, enhance circulation and improve mobility in this gentle yoga class. We focus on breathing, simple range of motion, and cultivating strength and stability. You can join from a chair, from the floor, or stand and receive benefits! YogaGently also serves as a moving meditation. 

What you’ll need:
• Enough space around you to extend all your limbs
• A chair without arms
• Yoga mat (optional) for optional floor work
• Yoga blanket, hand towel or other neck support, if desired

COM Warrior
May 24th 2021

Ocular motor sequences to enhance coordination of mindbodybreath & are mobility in Warrior to enhance balance
May 17th 2021

Build strength at your own pace.

April 19th 2021

Intention to replenish Vital energy, create more lateral space

April 26th 2021

Find centered self compassion
May 11th 2021