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student following essentials for balance pre recorded rental course via laptop computer

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A therapeutic and (of course) gentle series with the added bonus of a guided meditation — known as “Yoga Nidra” — to help ease you into a deep state of calm.

This series utilizes gentle poses to build strength, increase range of motion and joint mobility for better body mechanics and balance.  The sequence releases musculoskeletal holding patterns and soothes both conscious and unconscious anxieties.


Things you may choose to use for this practice:

• Mat
• Support for your neck (like a rolled towel or neck pillow)
• Support for your knees (like a bolster or folded blanket)
• Blanket to cover up during meditation
• Eye cover (like a folded washcloth or eye-pillow)


View each Individual Series Segment for 24 hours

View the Complete Series for 1 Month

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